Nonprofits Making an Impact

Nonprofits Making an Impact

In this toolkit, we profile 12 nonprofits whose work illustrates how to effectively implement one or more of the strategies to achieve a more secure future for all. Each profile describes what the organization does, evidence for its impact and cost-effectiveness, how you can help, and other nonprofits doing related work. This diverse set of organizations — both small and large, new and well-established, in varied communities and geographies — illustrates how nonprofits of all kinds are working to create a more secure future for all.

U.S. based

Woman surrounded by children in a daycare setting

All Our Kin

Help family childcare centers provide high quality childcare in their communities

A mother and her two teenage children smiling on their porch

Compass Working Capital

Help families in public housing build savings

Two women sit next to each other at a conference. One woman has a baby on her lap.


Create a path to safety and financial security for survivors of intimate partner violence


Leading Men Fellowship

Improve student performance by expanding the pool of teaching talent



Invest in parents to prevent multigenerational poverty

A group of people sit in a newsroom studio.

Report for America

Eliminate American ‘news deserts’




Break the cycle of poverty & inequality by educating girls in Africa

A mural depicting CDD's DEWATS

CDD India

Bring sanitation infrastructure to India’s neglected communities

Young men sitting around a picnic table

Make a Difference

Build a path out of poverty for abandoned children in India

Turtle swimming in the ocean

Pristine Seas

Protect & restore the oceans, a source of livelihoods and food for billions of people

Two women sitting at a table looking at each other. One of the women has a pad of paper and a pen.

Project ECHO

Provide high-quality medical care to under-served, rural communities


Yamba Malawi

Reduce extreme child poverty in Malawi by supporting caregivers