Practicing High Impact Philanthropy

Line of workers handing out disaster supplies

What Is High Impact Philanthropy?

High impact philanthropy is the practice of using philanthropic funds for social impact. Practicing high impact philanthropy starts with a social impact goal, then uses the best available evidence, considerations of cost and impact, and a commitment to ongoing learning to achieve that goal. It’s not about how much you give, but how well you give to drive positive social change.

Understanding High Impact
Practicing High Impact Philanthropy

Focus first on practicing social impact – i.e., a meaningful improvement in the lives of others (vs. other concerns such as maximizing the funder’s tax benefit or honoring a funder’s loved one).


Leverage the best available evidence in identifying problems and developing solutions.


Link considerations of cost and impact to understand where the best ‘bang for buck’ lies.


Continuously learn to refine and improve so that you make a greater and greater difference.