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Since our founding, CHIP has pioneered a new way to help donors around the world understand how they could achieve more good with their funds. Today, this idea of creating greater social impact through evidence-based solutions is part of a larger movement in the field, showcasing how to use philanthropic capital more effectively. We are a training ground for actionable, data-driven counsel and have prepared the next generation of philanthropic leaders. Today, our work with sponsors, students and colleagues spans the world—from the U.S. to Singapore to Colombia.

We anticipate even more global reach of CHIP’s multidisciplinary approach to effective philanthropy. Look for us to expand our worldwide network by harnessing the power of Penn’s faculty and research across additional schools and countries. The idea remains the same as when we first started: to build a vast network in service of creating a larger social impact footprint. Sponsors looking to collaborate with CHIP as we enter a new decade are welcome to get in touch with Bart J. Miltenberger at

The Center for High Impact Philanthropy is not an endowed center. Additional financial support will allow us to expand our efforts to translate generosity and good intentions into high impact.

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