About Our Work

The Center for High Impact Philanthropy provides actionable and evidence-based guidance for individuals who want to ensure that their philanthropic funds make the greatest possible difference in the lives of others. We provide guidance to impact-focused donors in a variety of ways: through public channels such as our blog, website, and social media that offer free access to much of our donor investment analysis; through donor intermediaries such as philanthropic advisors, wealth managers, and online platforms for giving; and directly through donor education programs and select sponsored projects.

Understanding Impact

What Is High Impact Philanthropy?

High impact philanthropy is the practice of using philanthropic funds for social impact. What does CHIP mean when we talk about impact? Browse our resources to find out more.

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Guidance & Research

Independent Applied Research

Independent analysis on a broad range of causes (e.g., U.S. education, global public health priorities like malaria or child survival rates, effective disaster response), as well as challenges faced by all those seeking social impact (e.g., how to define social impact goals, measure and manage progress, estimate the social return on investments).


Programs About Philanthropy and Social Impact Analysis

Educational programs, including our week-long executive education program for funders, undergraduate and graduate coursework, and custom workshops for social impact leaders.

Contact Us

Stay connected with CHIP by signing up for email updates here. CHIP welcomes requests for speaking engagements and event requests. To invite one of our associates to participate in your event, please submit a request form or call 215-573-7266 for more information.
Members of the press may contact Kelly Andrews at kellyja@upenn.edu.