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Enrolling for 2021
Introducing CHIP Funder Education, now online

Gain critical skills and knowledge to make a bigger impact through giving in a flexible online program in February 2021.

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Special Guidance
COVID-19 Pandemic: Dashboard and Guidance

Guidance for giving and grantmaking during the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery, including strategies for effective giving, urgent needs to address now, and nonprofits to give to, plus our new Regional COVID Response Dashboard.

High Impact Giving Guide 2020 Cover and Inside Spread
2020 High Impact Giving Guide
Make a bigger difference with your donations all year

Nonprofits making an impact in strengthening democracy, mental health and addiction, global health, and disaster relief.

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Understanding Impact
What Is High Impact Philanthropy?

High impact philanthropy is the practice of using philanthropic funds for social impact. Practicing high impact philanthropy starts with a social impact goal, then uses the best available evidence, considerations of cost and impact, and a commitment to ongoing learning to achieve that goal. It’s not about how much you give, but how well you give to drive positive, social change.