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Opportunities for Youth- A diversity of approaches to help impoverished young adults redefine their life trajectories

High Impact Philanthropy

Funder Executive Education Program

For principals, foundation trustees, foundation executive directors/CEO's and other philanthropic leaders - learn how to practice high impact giving.


TEDx VIDEO: Amplify the Money you Give
PRESENTER: Kat Rosqueta, Center Executive Director

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December 11, 2018
The Story Behind Selecting Bold Ideas from 100&Change

What do you do with a database of over 1,900 solutions to the world’s most pressing problems? That’s the question Kat Rosqueta, Founding Director…

June 27, 2018
Family Separation Crisis on US Border: How Donors Can Help

Over the past weeks, over 2,000 minors were separated from their parents/guardians at the southern border of the United States. Disturbed by the images…

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"[The High Impact Giving Guide] is the single most useful guide to smart giving that I’ve come across since I began writing about philanthropy nearly two years ago."

- Marc Gunther, Nonprofit Chronicles