High Impact Giving Guide Sponsorship

High Impact Giving Guide Sponsorship

Help donors ensure a more secure future for all

For over a decade, the Center for High Impact Philanthropy (CHIP) has served as a premier source of knowledge and education for philanthropy. CHIP’s annual high impact giving guide has been called “the single most useful guide to smart giving” and featured in the New York Times, NPR, Marketwatch, and Money.com.

The work your sponsorship supports

CHIP’s team applies CHIP research methodology and frameworks to produce the 2023 High Impact Giving Guide as a digital toolkit and downloadable PDF. All resources are available free to individual donors and professional grantmakers seeking to create greater social impact, providing your support to donors in the practice of high impact philanthropy.

CHIP’s 2022 guidance focused on how philanthropic funders could support a more just recovery. Our 2023 guidance builds on that work by presenting evidence-based strategies that help ensure a more secure future for all. It includes strategies and nonprofits addressing food insecurity; financial insecurity; lack of access to education, opportunity, and jobs; environmental sustainability; and more.

How your support benefits donors and grantmakers

Through your support of the 2023 High Impact Giving Toolkit, donors and grantmakers gain free access to:

  • Profiles of nonprofits that exemplify diverse evidence-based strategies to support secure, healthy individuals, families, and societies
  • A guide to the four philanthropic plays for achieving social impact through philanthropy
  • A framework for addressing the structural barriers that prevent individuals and communities from thriving
  • Educational programs to help children and young people recover learning loses and accelerate the gains needed for better lifelong prospects
  • A primer and examples of one of the most exciting tools for ensuring financial security: guaranteed income and direct cash transfers that help families address their most urgent needs
  • Podcast episodes, blogs, and webinar videos featuring diverse perspectives, including funders, nonprofit leaders, academic experts, and beneficiaries.

How sponsorship benefits your organization

Sponsors at all levels will be acknowledged as follows:

  • Your organization and logo featured in the digital toolkit, PDF, and public Launch Webinar outreach to more than 6000 members of CHIP’s listserv
  • Your organization mentioned as a sponsor in media outreach; organizational collaboration regarding the development of press outreach and marketing materials around any relevant year-end giving campaigns, as well at the public webinar
  • Invitation for your network and clients to the public Launch Webinar.

Additional sponsorship benefits are available at different levels. For more details, contact Kelly Andrews, Director of Knowledge Management and Marketing, kellyja@upenn.edu.