PACE Primer: Democracy

PACE Primer: Democracy

Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement (PACE) is an affinity group helping funders support citizens’ democratic participation through their giving.

The PACE Primer: Democracy is a resource designed to explore that question and help funders assess their interest and understanding in democracy, and ultimately, help them along their journey toward integrating or prioritizing it in their work. In their primer, PACE has adapted CHIP’s Five Elements of a Strong Democracy to illustrate how civic engagement programming like leadership development, volunteer programs, and civic tech can support democracy.

PACE Primer: Democracy has two components:

  1. a visual that charts a pragmatic list of civic practices across the five elements in strong and healthy democracies, and
  2. a glossary of terms to describe and clarify the visual.

Click on the graphic below to download the PACE Primer: Democracy at

CHIP’s “We the People: A Philanthropic Guide to Strengthening Democracy” creates a framework for anyone looking to strengthen the democratic system.

We the People guides on blue ground
Democracy Primer graphic: wheel with empowered citizens in the middle