Podcast: High Impact Philanthropy in COVID-19 on Vanguard Charitable

The need for effective crisis grantmaking continues to grow in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, alongside economic fallout, a surge in mental health and addiction concerns, and a nationwide response to police brutality and systemic racism. Funders are adapting to enable money to flow where it’s urgently needed in the current phase of response and recovery, while also preparing for future phases when the need will be just as significant.

CHIP Founding Executive Director Kat Rosqueta joined host Jane Greenfield, President of Vanguard Charitable, on the Value in Giving podcast to discuss what “high impact” philanthropy means and what role CHIP has in the battle against COVID-19. Kat shared tips on making the most of a charitable donation and highlighted how CHIP is delivering positive change through our guidance on COVID-19 and mental health and addiction.

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