CHIP Mental Health Guidance Supports Mindful Philanthropy, Never Alone

On May 24, Health in Mind project manager Kristen Ward and senior advisor Barbara Ricci spoke with AM Creatives founder Aida Murad as part of the Never Alone Summit, a 3-day global livestream broadcast on mental health. Sponsored by the Chopra Foundation and John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation, the Summit featured over 72 speakers on personal stories, tools, and resources around mental health. Health in Mind was included in a resource list shared with about 20,000 registered attendees.

Kristen spoke about Health in Mind and the importance of mental health in the age of COVID-19, while Barbara talked about Mindful Philanthropy, a new nonprofit that she leads as Founding Executive Director. Mindful Philanthropy’s mission is to increase high-impact funding of mental health, addiction, and community well-being initiatives. It aims to maximize donor impact by connecting grantmakers with strategic expertise, increase overall investment in behavioral health programs, and support promising initiatives.

Mindful Philanthropy’s initial list of high-impact philanthropic opportunities was built using the strategies outlined in our Health in Mind framework. By bringing actionable guidance together with a network of donors, CHIP is partnering with Mindful Philanthropy to elevate the need for high-impact funding in the sector.

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