CHIP featured in Generocity: Regional COVID Response Dashboard

Where grantmaking and social vulnerabilty align, Philadelphia

As nonprofits are hard hit by COVID-19, facing disruptions to their finances, services, and human resources, philanthropic response funds have been awarding grants to help meet urgent needs. This unprecedented level of giving has prompted the development of a dashboard to map existing community needs and the funding response to date, revealing gaps of where support is still needed to enable more effective grantmaking. CHIP, in collaboration with the Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia, is featured in Generocity for this project, the Regional COVID Response Dashboard.

Rosqueta said the fact that philanthropic dollars can’t single-handedly end the economic strangulation that is COVID-19 was the reason behind the creation of a dashboard with the unlikely moniker — Regional Data Dashboard for COVID-19 Philanthropic Response. Limited dollars necessitate that decision-making has to be efficient in order to be effective. This COVID-19 funding dashboard, slated to go live in August, will attempt to help answer questions about the efficacy of COVID-19 funding in the 10-county Southeastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey region.

“We need to know what are the needs that the shared funds are addressing? Given the scale of harm, we are going to require smarter, more coordinated funding and this COVID-19 dashboard will enable that. It will make philanthropy more effective and efficient.” Rosqueta explained.

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