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2023 High Impact Giving Toolkit

Supporting a More Secure Future for All

Three years into the COVID-19 pandemic, some people have returned to a sense of stability. But many face tremendous uncertainty about the future. The 2023 High Impact Giving Toolkit gives guidance to fund a more secure future for all.

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Choosing Change

Assessing grant proposals for their potential to address structural inequality

The COVID-19 global pandemic exacerbated longstanding disparities by race, gender, and socioeconomic status. Individuals, communities, and countries that were already vulnerable were even more at risk. The Choosing Change toolkit can help individual donors and institutional grantmakers at all levels identify proposals and teams whose work addresses the structural inequalities that prevent people from surviving, let alone thriving.

The Choosing Change toolkit can help donors and funders at all levels identify proposals and teams that have potential to create significant positive impact in the world.

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2022 High Impact Giving Guide

How to Support a Just Recovery From COVID

As the COVID-19 crisis continues many donors are looking for opportunities to not only recover to where we were before the pandemic, but to build back a stronger, more just world. Download our preview guide.

New Guidance

Talent for Giving: Building the Team to Help You Do Good

Donors cannot achieve their intended social impact goals without help. But how can you identify the right team and talent to help you realize your impact goals? After more than two years of applied research, Talent for Giving: Identifying the People to Help You Do Good, A guide for high net worth donors, has answers to finding the people, talent, and networks to help you do more good with your giving.

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