Talent for Giving

Talent for Giving: Identifying the People to Help You Do Good, A guide for high net worth donors

Donors cannot achieve their intended social impact goals without help. The question is: how can you identify the right team and talent to help you realize your impact goals?

After more than two years of applied research, in July 2021 CHIP will publish Talent for Giving: Identifying the People to Help You Do Good, A guide for high net worth donors, with answers to finding the people, talent, and networks to help you do more good with your giving. Download a free preview one-pager now: 4 Common Pitfalls When Building Your Team & How to Avoid Them. 

What’s in the guide

You’ll find guidance and case examples about:
  • Common talent pitfalls and how to avoid them
  • High-level sources of talent to draw from within the philanthropic ecosystem
  • Determining your initial approach to achieving your social impact goals
  • The expertise and skills you need to implement your philanthropic activities
  • Talent to help you assess, learn, and improve
  • More considerations, including what to look for in a critical first hire, salary benchmarks, and achieving diversity, equity, and inclusion

Why we’re doing this

There is likely to be more wealth transferred to philanthropy during the first half of this century than in the entire 20th century (Roumani, Brest, & Vagelos, 2015). Although donors may have very different philanthropic goals, it is unlikely they will be able to deploy philanthropic funds — at any scale — without some help. How well those philanthropic funds are spent will depend on the people responsible for making and implementing philanthropic decisions. In other words, the potential social impact of those funds will depend on the talent involved in deploying those funds. This creates an expected demand for talent which is why understanding talent needs — and the strengths and limitations of different talent choices — matters. Our guidance will include the functions that need to be covered, the work that needs to be done, the particular mindsets, capabilities, and networks that individuals need to possess in order to perform these philanthropic functions well, and illustrative case examples.

What’s next

We are currently finalizing our guidance for publication this summer. Pre-register now to receive your free copy as soon as it’s published. You’ll be invited to upcoming webinars and events and get access to the release of the online tool.