The XX Factor: A Framework and Guidebook for Improving the Lives of Women and Girls

Globally, one of the most powerful ways to create social impact is to improve the lives of women and girls. But what does it mean to ‘improve the lives of women and girls’ and how can you know whether you’re really making a difference? To answer these questions, the Center for High Impact Philanthropy (CHIP), with the generous support of the Tara Health Foundation, created The XX Factor: A Comprehensive Framework for Improving the Lives of Women & Girls, the first comprehensive, evidence-based framework to guide efforts in this space. To help investors align their financial investments with their goals of improving the lives of women and girls, CHIP has also published The XX Factor Guidebook: How to Align Financial Investments to Improve the Lives of Women & Girls.

As featured in Forbes, “How to Put Your Money Where Your Feminism Is.”

The Five Dimensions of Women's LIves: Education, Economic Empowerment, Personal Safety, Legal Rights, Health