Women’s Index

Women’s Index

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In Spring 2020, CHIP, in partnership with Women of the World Endowment, received a planning grant from the Tara Health Foundation to develop a workplan for a gender-specific index/scoring methodology against which financial products could be rated. In April 2020, CHIP began to identify and assess publicly available sources of data for use in developing a Women’s Index.

For socially minded investors committed to improving the status of women, such an index could be used to rate financial investment products, such as public/government debt. Provided that a Women’s Index reflects the key dimensions that have been identified as critical to the overall well-being of women and girls, financial investment products informed by a Women’s Index have the potential to unlock significant capital aligned with real improvements in the lives of women and girls.

Our team already had an existing framework for this analysis. In 2017, CHIP published The XX Factor: A Comprehensive Framework for Improving the Lives of Women & Girls, which identified five key dimensions of women’s lives that research shows are critical to flourishing: health, education, economic empowerment, personal safety, and legal rights. CHIP subsequently published The XX Factor Guidebook: How to Align Financial Investments to Improve the Lives of Women & Girls, which illustrates how The XX Factor Framework could be adapted for use in screening investments in public equity.

This project builds upon those two previous efforts to identify and assess available data to inform an index that measures country-level progress against the measures we established in The XX Factor as critical to improving the lives of women and girls.

Download the Guide: Women's Index: Developing a Tool for Aligning Financial Investments with Gender Equity

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