Though U.S. Unemployment Rate Reaches a New High, Opportunities for High Impact Philanthropy Remain

The Financial Times published an article today reporting that the U.S. unemployment rate has reached a record high of 9.7%. The article, which can be found here, also calls attention to the possible continuation of this trend into the year 2010, in the midst of recent news reporting a slow economic recovery via CBS News and the Wall Street Journal. Since the release of our Action Agenda in April of 2009, our Center has been tirelessly working to find opportunities for philanthropic assistance in the areas of housing, health, and hunger. The rising unemployment rates are a telling indicator that many individuals and families across the United States still need support in preventing foreclosures, sustaining primary and preventative health care programs, and ensuring access to food and other essential goods and services. Please visit our website for more information or to receive our latest philanthropic investment guide when it becomes available: