Nonprofits Making an Impact

Nonprofits Making an Impact

In this toolkit, we profile nine nonprofits whose work illustrates how to effectively implement one or more of the strategies to achieve a more secure future for all. Each profile describes what the organization does, evidence for its impact and cost-effectiveness, how you can help, and other nonprofits doing related work. This diverse set of organizations — both small and large, new and well-established, in varied communities and geographies — illustrates how nonprofits of all kinds are working to create a more secure future for all.

U.S. based

A client of Capital Good Fund holds up a booklet with loan information on it.

Capital Good Fund

Increase financial security with credit-building loans and coaching

A group of students smiling and talking to each other

Genesys Works

Create career opportunities for youth in under-served communities

A family stands smiling in a kitchen.

HomeStart Renew Collaborative

Create a path to stable housing for families at risk of homelessness

Two female students close their eyes while meditating.

Inner Explorer

Improve student mental health and learning through mindfulness

Two women play with a child in a living room.


Give parents and providers tools to help children succeed

A group of young people stand smiling

Point Source Youth

Build the capacity of nonprofits serving youth experiencing homelessness


A woman in Madagascar cooking using her cookstove.


Improve the health, environment, and economy of isolated communities

A woman makes a brick using Build Up Nepal's CSEB brick-making machine. A group of people look on, some in hard hats.

Build Up Nepal

Build safer, eco-friendly housing and improve economic opportunity

A young girl smiles next to a Healthy Learner's sign detailing how to properly wash your hands.

Healthy Learners

Improve school-aged children’s health and educational outcomes