Additional Resources

Additional Resources

Below is a sampling of additional resources from the Center for High Impact Philanthropy and other organizations that can connect funders to the latest information on trends and research in the early childhood space. We will be adding to and updating this list periodically, so if you as a funder have found a particularly useful resource that does not appear in our toolkit, please let us know. Funders may also want to consult the websites of the organizations listed as Key Players as many are also excellent sources of helpful information.

From our Center

Invest in a Strong Start for Children Blog Series

Pathways to Student Success

In this guide, the Center addresses the critical questions that must be answered to achieve the biggest bang for every philanthropic buck, including what is a meaningful change to target, what activities lead to that change for at-risk students, and how much does it cost to make that change.

For the latest research on early childhood

Child Trends conducts and shares high-quality research on children and their families, with a particular focus on child welfare and early childhood education.

Kids Count, a project funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, maintains the Kids Count Data Center that tracks the well-being of children in the United States. Kids Count is the most extensive collection of state level data on children.

Harvard Center on the Developing Child, led by Dr. Jack Shonkoff and his colleagues, advocates for connecting brain research to public policy. Harvard’s Center hosts the Frontiers of Innovation Network, a group of researchers and practitioners working on aspects of this challenge. The Harvard Center on the Developing Child is also a good source of videos, Podcasts and reports and working papers associated with new brain research.

For more on funder opportunities

Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development is a resource that identifies, evaluates, and recommends programs that have a strong evidence base and a positive impact on youth development.