Strengthening Democracy

Democracy icon - cartoon people paintingh heart
Donor funds, when supporting the right efforts, can transform people’s lives and communities. The issues we focus on in this year’s High Impact Giving Guide are among the most challenging facing society, but the programs and organizations we profile demonstrate daily that positive impact can be created.

While multiple measures show that U.S. democracy is weakening, local and national organizations are shoring the underpinnings of civil society. Here you’ll find nonprofits we identified through our work for We the People: A Philanthropic Guide to Strengthening Democracy. These organizations are increasing civic engagement and reinvigorating local media, two ways to rebuild the essential elements of democracy.


City Bureau

Giving communities a voice in the newsroom


American Journalism Project

Building sustainable civic news organizations


Faith in Action

Empowering voters through organizing


Generation Citizen

Teaching civics through democratic participation