Pathways to Impact: Funders discuss trust-based philanthropy, program related investments, and measuring impact

What is trust-based philanthropy and how can funders implement it? How can program-related investments supplement grantmaking? What is philanthropy’s relationship with public policy?

Panelists and High Impact Philanthropy Academy alums Dr. Ruth Shaber, founder of Tara Health Foundation; Kim Takeuchi, foundation director of Unite BVI; Frank Cumberbatch, VP of engagement for Bader Philanthropies, and Rob Longnecker, executive committee member of the Herman H. Fleishman Foundation discussed these questions and more in a conversation moderated by the Center for High Impact Philanthropy’s founding executive director, Kat Rosqueta.


To learn more about aligning capital with impact strategies as discussed by our panelists, visit our guidance on Program-Related Investments, or read case studies in The XX Factor Guidebook: How to Align Financial Investments to Improve the Lives of Women & Girls. To gain insights on direct cash transfers, download Guaranteed Income: A Primer for Donors.

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