Women and Girls

Women and Girls


Launching the Women’s Index

On May 3, 2021, CHIP launched the Women’s Index: Developing a Tool for Aligning Financial Investments with Gender EquityThis report was created in partnership between CHIP and Women of the World Endowment (WoWE), the first 100% mission aligned endowment investing in women.

Ruth Shaber (Tara Health Foundation) and Tea Trumbic (World Bank) joined Kat Rosqueta (CHIP) and Maria Skuratovskaya (WoWE) to discuss the research, the need, and implications of an index to score sovereign debt investments according to support for the five dimensions of women’s lives.

Our Guidance

The XX Factor: A Comprehensive Framework for Improving the LIves of Women & Girls

The XX Factor Framework

One of the most powerful ways to create social impact on a global scale is to improve the lives of women and girls. CHIP offers a comprehensive, five-dimensional framework to guide funders in identifying key areas of intervention and measuring progress.

CHIP XX Factor Guidebook

The XX Factor Guidebook

The XX Factor Guidebook: How to Align Financial Investments to Improve the Lives of Women & Girls utilizes CHIP’s five-dimensional framework to help funders align their investment portfolios with improving the lives of women and girls.

CHIP Women's Index cover

Women's Index

In the Women’s Index, CHIP worked in collaboration with Women of the World Endowment to conduct research and analysis of social impact indicators to inform investment with a gender focus within the sovereign debt space.

Our Framework & Applications

The XX Factor: The Five Dimensions of Women’s Lives

After examining existing frameworks that guide donors to make the most impact on women’s lives, CHIP synthesizes a new framework that considers key areas of overlap and evidence of what dimensions of women’s lives matter.

Women’s Index

Below are examples of strategies that investors can use to align their public equity portfolios with our XX Factor framework.


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