Lifting the Burden of Malaria: Ashton Kutcher, CNN, Twitter and MalariaNoMore

After a self-reported “night of tweeting”, Autumn came into my office describing how the Twitter world has been chirping with activity since Ashton Kutcher @aplusk challenged CNN @cnnbrk to see who would reach 1,000,000 followers first. The winner will donate 10,000 bednets and the loser 1,000 through Malaria NO MORE for World Malaria Day, April 25, 2009. According to Autumn, the challenge is already nearing the target per Ashton’s YouTube update earlier last night. As effective as malaria nets can be in preventing the deadly disease, 11,000 nets will do little good if they are stuck at a distribution center, or reach their intended recipients only to be used as fishing nets. To ensure that nets and other life-saving interventions actually make a difference, our Center released its first philanthropic investment guide in the area of public health, Lifting the Burden of Malaria: An Investment Guide for Impact-Driven Philanthropy. You can find a review of this guide at and also at It’s Your World, a blog of the World Affairs Council of Northern California and the Global Philanthropy Forum. What are you doing on and beyond World Malaria Day, Saturday, April 25, 2009? Share your thoughts. Kat