Fall Update: TEDx Talk, Educational Programs, New Work & Evolving Team

Few times of the year are as energizing for our team as the start of a new school year here at the university. We’re starting this school year with new perspectives, new work and an expanded team.

Ebola: How Can I Help?

Since August, the scale and scope of the crisis has expanded dramatically. See our latest blog post for analysis of the current situation, criteria for selecting organizations to support, and specific opportunities for you to help.

TEDx: Amplify the Money You Give

This recently posted TEDx talk explains what we mean by high-impact philanthropy, examples of what it looks like in the real world, and why our team is increasingly optimistic that anyone can start practicing it.

Educational programs

The interest in philanthropy and other investments in social impact continues to grow. As a result, we are teaching and presenting more and more – to undergraduate and graduate students here at the university, as well as to professionals and families in the U.S. and around the world. Click here for upcoming and past events and programs.

Guidance & Analysis

We continue to partner with others to develop cross-cutting guidance for those seeking impact, no matter what the cause. Beyond Compliance: Measuring to Learn, Improve, and Create Positive Change, our collaborative effort with Wharton Social Impact, and Rethink the ‘E’ Word: Evidence, our contribution to a Stanford Social Innovation Review series on strategic planning and evaluation, have become two of our most requested cross-cutting pieces.

In addition, we continue to examine high impact philanthropic opportunities within specific causes, such as how to ensure a strong start in life (Early Childhood Toolkit, Child Survival Guidance).

Stay tuned for our annual year-end giving opportunities (click here for last year’s guidance), and high impact approaches to prevent, treat, and manage substance abuse. As always, the best first place to learn about our new guidance and analysis is our high impact philanthropy blog.

New Roles & Team Members

I’m pleased to announce the following new roles for team members: Sarah Gormley, program manager, Cecily Wallman-Stokes, senior analyst, Danielle Wolfe, senior analyst, and Kate Hovde, senior advisor

I’m also thrilled to welcome Götz Bechtolsheimer and Blair Glencorse as social impact fellows, as well as our 2014/2015 cohort of research assistants, graduate and undergraduate student interns,  and practicum placements: Sivahn Barsade, Aviva Koloski, Bobby Lundquist, Marian Roura, Christina Saggiomo, Maria Wahlstrom, Christine Hu, and Raymond Yun Pan.

We are also currently recruiting for a social impact fellow for our global programs and a staff research assistant. For more information on these job openings, click here.

Thank you for your interest in our work. As always, our hope is that our efforts enable you to move from generosity and good intentions towards higher impact.