Charitable Giving: What to Know before Donating

The Center for High Impact Philanthropy‘s Kat Rosqueta gives tips for high-impact holiday giving in her interview with Knowledge@Wharton. According to Rosqueta, the holiday season sees a “disproportionate” amount of charitable gift giving by U.S. residents, including an estimated 25% of the annual amount of philanthropic giving. Understanding the incredible amount of capital to be given during this time, Rosqueta offers some guidance to donors, urging them to think about their interests and broader impact goals for their capital: “If you want your money to go the farthest – do the most good in the world – start with what is the good you want to see happen.” 

Along with her discussion on the amount of giving during the holiday season, Rosqueta discusses many of the opportunities highlighted in CHIP’s 2015 High Impact Year-End Giving Guide in her interview with Knowledge@Wharton, found here.