Wrapping up our "Back to School" Book Reports

Over the last 7 weeks we've been writing a series of “Back to School” book reports by members of our team. We selected books based on their potential to help us in our own work to identify high-impact philanthropic opportunities and help donors improve their philanthropic impact. We hope this series helps make some of our own learning transparent so that others may benefit.

Next Thursday marks the end of the Fall series, with a review of “Giving 2.0” by Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen. If you'd like to send suggestions for future reports, please comment on our blog or facebook, or send an email to impact@sp2.upenn.edu.

We will begin a new series of blogs from our team at the Center during the week of Nov 14th, which will continue throughout the holiday giving season. Each week, a staff member will share insights related to our current projects and lessons learned, as well as links to videos, articles, studies that enrich our thinking and work.

Stay tuned!