Nonprofit Chronicles mentions CHIP in article about the GivingCompass

This blogpost will take a closer look at Giving Compass, which invites people to join “a community of donors who use the best data, technology, and peer learning to give well.” Its target audience is not the billionaires who sign the Giving Pledge, but those who are able to make gifts of $10,000 or more. It should be valuable to others as well. Its tagline: We organize the world’s information to make it easier to give well.

For now (and remember, this is just a beta version), Giving Compass mostly aggregates content from elsewhere, including Stanford PACS, which helped develop Giving Compass; the Center for High Impact Philanthropy (see my 2016 blogpost about its good work); The Bridgespan Group, a nonprofit consultancy that advises donors and nonprofits; and The Philanthropy Workshop and Social Venture Network, which are global donor networks. It links to relevant stories from newspapers and magazines. This is useful, but hardly path-breaking.

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