Invest in a Strong Start for Children: Renewed Partnership

The Center is very pleased to announce a renewed partnership with the Annie E. Casey Foundation that will allow our team to expand on the very successful early childhood guidance we published online in the spring.

For readers that may have missed its release in February, Invest in a Strong Start for Children: A Toolkit for Donors shows donors why to invest in early childhood and, more importantly, how. The web-based toolkit includes:

• High impact strategies for investing in early childhood, including analyses of five exemplar programs;
• Implications of the latest brain research and return on investment estimates; and
• A list of key stakeholders and organizations that any donor interested in early childhood should know.

Take a look at our toolkit’s introductory video if you haven’t already!

Over the next few months, our team will further explore high impact philanthropic opportunities in the area of early childhood and add new content to our toolkit.  We’ll be analyzing additional exemplar programs, developing strategies for donors interested in policy and advocacy, and interviewing experts in ‘60 second lecture’ videos to highlight groundbreaking new research and evidence of social impact in the space. And these are but a few of the exciting additions to come!

As always, our hope is that our work will give donors the confidence to invest well — and to invest now.