Invest in a Strong Start for Children: A Toolkit for Donors

Part of our 2014 commitment to start the year showing donors how they can ensure a strong start in life for children.

In the past thirty seconds, three more children were born in the United States. All three of these infants may be equally capable, but as they grow older, there is a strong chance that only two will graduate from high school. And it’s not just about high school graduation. The lack of strong support in early childhood means that millions of children in the U.S. face lives of lost potential. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Donors can help all children get an equal chance at a strong start.

Invest in a Strong Start for Children: A Toolkit for Donors shows you why to invest in early childhood and, more importantly, how. In the web-based toolkit, donors will find:

• High impact strategies for investing in early childhood, including analyses of five exemplar programs;
• Implications of the latest brain research and return on investment estimates; and
• A list of key stakeholders and organizations that any donor interested in early childhood should know.

The toolkit is the product of a year-long effort funded through the support of our partners at the Annie E. Casey Foundation and developed with input from a nationally-sourced advisory group of individual donors active in this space.

As always, our hope is that our work will give donors the confidence to invest well — and to invest now.  Because children don’t wait to grow up, and we can’t afford to fail them any longer.