High Impact Philanthropy in the Downturn: Hunger – Donate a digital can for 10 States to win a total

Last November, the Center released its latest philanthropic investment guide, High Impact Philanthropy in the Downturn: Focus on Housing, Health, and Hunger (A Guide for Donors). The guide provides examples of how donors can get “great bang for buck” by making a donations based on the Models In Practice we highlight in each section. Kat Rosqueta and Carol McLaughlin recently presented our guide’s findings for the Pauline Shaw Holsaert (PSH) Research Colloquium Series in the School of Social Policy & Practice (SP2). Visit our facebook page for photos and a short video of the event and www.sp2.upenn.edu/colloquium for info on other PSH colloquium events.

While browsing the web today, I came across another opportunity for donors to help get emergency food to those in need. WeCanEndThis.com is running a contest to see which states can donate the most digital cans online. Feeding America and Share Our Strength are two organizations that have partnered with the We Can End This initiative. Our Center named Feeding America’s “Choice Model” as a Model in Practice in Section 3 of High Impact Philanthropy in the Downturn. We also received valuable feedback on solutions to help those in need of food from individuals at Share Our Strength, which we acknowledge in the back cover of the guide. You can help select the top 10 states through the We Can End This campaign to each win 150,000 meals by doing the following:

  1. Visit https://www.WeCanEndThis.com.
  2. When you make a promise to help by either 1) donating money; 2) pledging to volunteer; or 3) spreading the word via facebook, twitter, or email; you’ll donate a digital can of food. Be sure to specify your state! [Note: Since we are based in Pennsylvania, I would encourage those who are local to select the state of PA. Right now, PA needs 80 more to break into the top 10. However, I encourage EVERYONE to get involved and select the state of their choice.]
  3. Be sure to share this with your friends and family thru email, Twitter, or Facebook.

The contest is over next Thursday, March 18th so please donate your digital cans as soon as possible! Help 10 states win a total of 1.5 million meals to distribute to individuals and families in need. Visit https://wecanendthis.com/2010/03/11/only-one-week-to-deliver-150000-meals-to-your-state/ for more details.