CHIP, Fidelity & Annie E. Casey: Partnering for Year-Round Impact

Around the world, the end of the year marks a time of reflection, celebration, and giving.  In the United States, approximately 25 percent of philanthropic giving will happen between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve. This year, the Center for High Impact Philanthropy, the Annie E. Casey Foundation, and Fidelity Charitable, among others, have teamed up to help donors make a more immediate and sustainable impact.

For nearly a decade, our Center has been a source of independent guidance for donors around the world seeking to make as big a difference as possible with their philanthropic gifts. In areas as diverse as closing the achievement gap in the United States, providing effective disaster relief, and improving public health outcomes such as child survival rates, our team provides answers to the age-old question, How can my money do the most good?

During this season of generosity, with the release of our annual High Impact Year-End Giving Guide, we are excited to have collaborated closely with Fidelity Charitable and the Annie E. Casey Foundation to help more donors identify and support high-impact opportunities.

To provide even greater access to the guide’s content, Fidelity Charitable, which launched the first national donor-advised fund program in 1991, is extending the Center’s guidance to donors and visitors of its website, highlighting opportunities to give smarter and make each charitable dollar go further.

“We’re committed to helping donors overcome barriers to giving by making it simple, effective, and accessible,” said Amy Danforth, President of Fidelity Charitable. “That’s exactly what this guide does—provides a resource that makes it as easy as possible to give with confidence and maximize your impact.”

The Annie E. Casey Foundation, a private charitable organization dedicated to building better futures for disadvantaged children in the United States and a long-time supporter of the Center and our early childhood work, also recognizes the potential to pair donor interest at year-end with practical, evidence-based guidance.

“Strategic partnerships with other funders enable us to deepen our learning and ultimately achieve greater results for children and families across America,” said Miriam Shark, Associate Director for Philanthropic Partnerships at Casey. “The Center’s guidance provides donors with opportunities to support strong, successful families and resilient communities. We encourage more donors to view this season of generosity also as one of great impact.”

We are thrilled at this opportunity to extend the reach of our work, helping more donors maximize the impact of their giving, now and throughout the year.

Click here to see our 2015 High Impact Year-End Giving Guide.