CHIP featured in MONEY

In the wake of coast-to-coast protests against racism and police brutality after the death of George Floyd, many are joining the cause with their donations. How do you donate responsibly and effectively? What’s the best way to ensure your money makes a difference? MONEY spoke to experts including Kelly Andrews, CHIP’s Director of Knowledge Management and Marketing.

Andrews points out that there’s a difference between a worthy cause and a worthy charity. It’s OK to send a couple of bucks to a GoFundMe that meets an urgent need, but “often the highest-impact, most reliable way to further a worthy cause is through reliable nonprofits that work in the space and achieve results over time,” she says.

So if you give $20 to a GoFundMe, maybe give your next $20 to a national or local organization. (While you’re at it, ask your employer whether they offer corporate gift matching so that $20 goes even farther.)

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