Wharton Beyond Business panel moderated by Kat Rosqueta

Hosted by the Wharton School, the Beyond Business lecture series shines a light on how systemic racism impacts business and society as a whole, and ways it can be confronted. For its second installment, Race & Corporate Power focused on the recent ways corporate America has committed to the fight against racial injustice. The discussion was led by Dean Erika James of the Wharton School, and CHIP Executive Director Kat Rosqueta moderated the Q&A.

The event dove into how corporations are combatting systematic challenges facing the black community, whether through philanthropic giving to elevate black issues, intentional diversification of corporate boards, or doubling down on investments in diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. Panelists including Carla Harris (Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Morgan Stanley), Wes Moore (CEO, Robin Hood), and Dalila Wilson-Scott (EVP and Chief Diversity Officer, Comcast) discussed why these businesses were compelled to make such investments, what challenges they expect to face as a result, and how companies can help move the needle long-term.

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