Reducing Structural Inequality Issue

Reducing Structural Inequality Issue


2021 Racial Equity & Philanthropy Panel

Under the current social and economic climate, there is an increasing need to address the role of philanthropy in the realm of racial justice and gender disparities. On February 3, 2021, the Nonprofit Master’s Program and Center for Social Impact Strategy at Penn’s School of Social Policy and Practice hosted a joint event to discuss the nature of the current philanthropic ecosystem. The panelists share ways to approach philanthropic giving in consideration of historical events, the intersectionality of race across different issue areas, and growing social challenges.

Our Guidance

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Bold Ideas for Philanthropists to Drive Social Change

The 100&Change is an initiative lead by the MacAuthor foundation to fund a single proposal with a $100 million grant that promises real and measurable progress in solving a critical problem in a meaningful and lasting way. But working with the MacArthur Foundation, CHIP posed another question: How could such a rich collection of philanthropic solutions be useful beyond selecting a single $100 million prize winner?

A Broad View of How Philanthropy Can Help Any Social Issue

Across the many social impact areas CHIP has analyzed, philanthropic support typically falls within one of four categories of ways to help. Here we provide general guidelines related to timeframe to impact, associated risks and rewards, measurement of results, and conditions for success.



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