Custom Engagements

In addition to our analyses and events, our team provides a range of custom educational programs and services to enable funders to achieve greater impact. To learn more, contact or call 215-573-7266.

Custom donor and executive education offerings

In addition to our Executive Education Programs, our team has designed and delivered custom educational programs on a wide-range of topics and in a variety of formats. Examples include:

  • Module on high impact philanthropy for participants in Wharton Executive Education Next Gen Wealth program
  • Invitation-only summer intensive for emerging leaders in philanthropy in low-staff setting (family representatives, individual donors, first executive directors of new foundations)

Custom workshops and engagements

Workshops are often designed in collaboration with a key partner such as a philanthropic network or wealth advisory firm. Custom engagements are scoped and priced based on the goals and required timing of the project. For more information on these program, please email Examples include:

  • From Good Intentions to High Impact, a daylong workshop for funders, policymakers, and socially-minded wealthy families.
  • Advising Clients in High Impact Philanthropy, a 3 to 4 day program based on the content of our highly-rated Funder Executive Education program, this course is designed for wealth managers, family office professionals, and philanthropy advisors. Students will explore the strategies behind high-impact philanthropy and learn how to apply them from the unique perspective of an advisor. Participants will leave with tools and resources in philanthropic decision-making that can be immediately put to use with your clients.
  • Custom analysis for family foundation seeking to understand housing insecurity needs in their community, post natural disaster, and promising opportunities to help rebuild (through grants as well as impact investing)

Virtual teaching

To reach the broadest audience who might benefit from our work, we participate in and design webinars, web conference calls, and other types of virtual teaching. Examples include

Speaking engagements

Members of our team serve as keynote and other featured speakers, moderators, and panelists for a wide range of events. For our current speaking fees, please contact or call 215-573-7266. Examples include:

  • Keynote address for Gates Foundation’s grantees and stakeholders focused on college success for underrepresented students across the country.
  • Lunch keynote annual conference of estate planning professionals.
  • Featured speakers for event on ensuring child success