Our “Back to School” Blog Series

So here it is, September again, and we are shipping our kids off to school. For many of them, one of those fall rights-of-passage is the summer book report. Remember that? Well, sometime this summer our team was talking about several philanthropy-oriented books we were interested in reading, and it occurred to us:  we should do a book report series.

Starting next week, we will be blogging on a series of books we selected as being potentially helpful both to our own work in identifying high-impact philanthropic opportunities and to philanthropists who are interested in improving their philanthropic impact. We often talk about the fact that practicing high impact philanthropy requires a commitment to constantly learning, looking for ways to do even more. We may not ‘technically’ be in school anymore (although we are based at a university), but we hope this series helps make some of our own learning transparent so that others may benefit. Next week’s blog will lead off with Give Smart by Tom Tierney and Joel Fleishman.