Kat Rosqueta speaks on “One for the World” panel

Kat Rosqueta and Jack Lewars sit in front of a large classroom. On January 29, 2024, the Wharton MBA chapter of One for the World hosted an Effective Altruism panel featuring Kat Rosqueta, Center for High Impact Philanthropy founding executive director, and Jack Lewars, executive director of One for the World. Second-year student Kevin Lee moderated.

One for the World was founded by two Wharton MBA students in 2014 to make charitable giving easy and effective for new professionals. Members pledge 1% of their salaries to philanthropic giving to address preventable disease and global poverty. The organization has since expanded to universities and businesses all over the world.

Said Jack Lewars, “Principles of effective giving say that if you live in a high-income country and have disposable income, we think it’s reasonable to give some of it to those who have very little.”

Kat Rosqueta explained what high impact philanthropy does and does not have in common with effective altruism: “Effective altruism is characterized by a set of things that it shares with high impact philanthropy: using evidence to analyze how to do the most good, and focus on cost effectiveness. Philanthropy plays lots of different roles in individual lives and society.”

“Both effective altruism and high impact philanthropy share interest in doing the most public good. A difference between the two is that we have a much broader view of evidence.”