How to Give Your Fortune Away (Philadelphia Magazine)

If I were a rich man, I’d have a rich man’s worries. I’d worry about the stock market. I’d worry about my tax bracket. And I’d worry about how to make a difference in the world—how to use my hard-earned bucks to improve the lives of schoolchildren in Philly, or AIDS sufferers in Africa, or homeless families in Haiti.

Most people don’t fret very much about that. We text $10 to SAVE JAPAN after an earthquake; we help out at the food bank now and then. But if you were a rich man—if you had a spare $10,000, or $10 million—how could you figure out the best way to give it away?

You could ask Kat Rosqueta.

Rosqueta—Kat’s short for Katherina—is the executive director of the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for High Impact Philanthropy, or CHIP to its familiars. CHIP was founded five years ago by a group of Wharton alums to help philanthropists get what’s known as “bang for the buck.”


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