High Impact Year-End Giving Guidance

Our team is pleased to announce the release of our annual, high impact year-end giving guidance.   And we’re very excited to share that the guide has already been featured in Money Magazine, NPR’s Morning Edition, and other news outlets!

Our guidance provides donors with the following:

6 specific high impact opportunities, handpicked by our team and analyzed for evidence of results and cost effectiveness
Disaster Relief: How Can I Help?: Tips for providing immediate support when disaster strikes and building back better for long-term resilience.
3 Tips to Turn Year-End Giving into Year-Round Impact: No matter what issue or cause you care about, these tips can help turn your year-end giving into year-round impact.
Practicing Philanthropy for Social Impact: For individuals and organizations focused on social impact, we offer resources that outline ways to tackle common challenges such as defining impact and measuring and managing to results.
• And lastly, a list of resources that donors can leverage to identify effective organizations to support

Around the world, the end of the year marks a time of reflection, celebration, and giving. Our hope is that by doing some of the legwork for donors, we help make this surge of year-end giving the start of year-round impact.

Happy holidays to you and yours!