High Impact Giving Guide 2016


Around the world, the end of the year is a time of celebration and giving. But here at the Center for High Impact Philanthropy, we know that donors have the chance to have an impact all year long. As CHIP enters its tenth year, we present our High Impact Giving Guide, designed to help donors make a bigger difference with their giving.

Once again, we’ve reviewed the dozens of effective approaches we’ve analyzed and handpicked 11 distinct opportunities that you can act on immediately. This year, we’ve organized opportunities to illustrate how donors can address the range of risks human beings face, from their earliest days on earth to adulthood.

Here’s what you’ll find:

  • Eleven specific high impact opportunities handpicked by our team and analyzed for evidence of impact and cost-effectiveness.
  • Our perennial tips for effective disaster relief and recovery, updated to highlight the three types of catastrophes, the humanitarian response needed in response to each, and a list of key organizations around the world working to provide aid to vulnerable populations.
  • To help you make as informed a choice as possible, we offer websites for identifying nonprofits to support and suggestions on how to avoid fraud.
  • Last but certainly not least, we provide you with the knowledge to increase the impact of your giving all year long, by focusing on your goals, doing a little research, and thinking bang for buck.

You’ll also get a preview of the guidance we will publish in 2017, and information on our educational programs.

A decade ago, CHIP pioneered a new way to help donors around the world understand how they could achieve more good with their funds. Today, this idea of creating greater social impact through evidence-based solutions is part of a larger movement in the field, showcasing how to use philanthropic capital more effectively.

This guide is just a sampling of all of our guidance, arranged by issue area on our website. You’ll not only find additional high impact opportunities, but rigorous evidence of what experts in a particular field consider to be the most effective interventions.

The season of giving is upon us. We hope these resources help you turn this annual season of giving into year-round impact. Happy holidays and happy giving.