GeekWire highlights comments by Kat Rosqueta in article about the GivingCompass

The Center for High Impact Philanthropy is proud to be a content partner of the GivingCompass, a new online platform that aims to provide donors with all the information they need to make good decisions regarding philanthropy. In this article, GeekWire explains how GivingCompass focuses on outcomes and impact, rather than just tax forms and overhead ratios. The founding executive director of CHIP, Kat Rosqueta, weighs in on measuring impact:

“Measure what you can so that you will know, are you making progress, so you will know, are your assumptions correct or have you made a mistake,” Rosqueta said. “We know that it’s hard to manage anything without metrics or indicators. If you don’t have something to look at, you kind of fly blind.”

And that’s where Giving Compass is eager to help, providing donors with performance information and building a more complete picture of a charity’s impact.

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