CHIP Previews Guidance on Strengthening Democracy on The Do One Better! Podcast

CHIP’s Founding Executive Director Kat Rosqueta joined Alberto Lidji on the July 30th episode of The Do One Better! Podcast. Lidji, former Global CEO of the Novak Djokovic Foundation, launched the podcast in early 2019 to inspire listeners to be more philanthropic, act more sustainably, and embrace social entrepreneurship.

In this interview, Kat speaks about the history of the Center for High Impact Philanthropy and how we develop our guidance, in issue areas with clear funder interest and a high potential for social impact. She introduces CHIP’s current project on how philanthropy can strengthen democracy, a question that more and more funders are asking in our polarized political climate.

Kat previews the results of this project, including a framework for how funders can think about philanthropic opportunities to strengthen democracy. CHIP has identified five key elements with broad consensus for defining a strong democracy. We also explore in more depth the areas of civic engagement and local media, which have seen a decline but present promising philanthropic opportunities. The framework will be combined with specific examples of nonprofits who are working to strengthen democracy in the United States. CHIP is gearing up to release our Strengthening Democracy guidance this September.

In addition to these highlights, Kat’s conversation with Lidji covers a rich breadth of discussion on social impact, the role of philanthropy, and CHIP’s guidance that is free and publicly available for any donor to access. Listen to the full episode here!