2014: New Year, Fewer Silos, More Impact

It’s a new year and a chance to commit to – and in some cases, recommit to – ways we can help donors achieve more impact with their philanthropic activity.  Here’s what you can expect from our team here at the Center for High Impact Philanthropy in 2014.

Cross-cutting guidance

When we first launched, we quickly became known for high-quality, cause-specific guidance in areas such as US education and global public health. Since then, our analysis has expanded to many other areas including disaster relief, housing, livelihood development, and hunger. In examining such a wide array of causes, we’ve identified strategies and best practices that help donors achieve more impact, no matter what issue they care about. Over the year, you’ll hear more about our newest initiative: Philanthropy for Social Impact which will address common concerns such as how to define impact, ways to measure and manage progress, and options for understanding ‘bang for buck’.

Cross-border guidance

Many of the issues donors face are not specific to a particular country or region. For example, whether in a rural village in India or an urban center in the U.S., providing a healthy foundation to a child’s life is one of the most cost-effective ways to enable long-term impact. That’s why we’ll be starting the year with our cross-border guidance: Investing in a Strong Start which will outline how donors can ensure that children around the world have a chance at realizing their potential.

Going Together

There is an African proverb we often quote: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. With a vision of going as far as possible to ensure that donors maximize their social impact, we continue to add to our virtual team of partners who bring their collective knowledge and networks to our efforts. Last year saw many new collaborative efforts with partners such as UBS Philanthropic Services, J.P. Morgan, YPO, Association of Small Foundations, Filantropia Transformadora, Women Moving Millions, Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia & Convergence Partnership, and the CLASSY Awards. They joined existing partners like Fidelity Charitable, Annie E. Casey Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, Claneil Foundation, Philadelphia Foundation,  and Wharton Social Impact Initiative whose support extends our impact, far beyond what our lean team could accomplish on its own.  In 2014 we look forward to deepening our partnerships and forging new ones with a growing community of people and organizations working to turn generosity and good intentions into real impact.