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Beyond Compliance: Measuring to Learn, Improve, and Create Positive

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Our 2014 High Impact Year-end Giving Guide

The end of the year marks a time of reflection, celebration, and giving. Our annual year-end guidance profiles six high impact opportunities, analyzed for evidence of results and cost effectiveness, along with resources to translate generosity and good intentions into year-round impact.

The Year-End Guide

TEDx VIDEO: Amplify the Money you Give
PRESENTER: Kat Rosqueta, Center Executive Director

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July 2, 2015
Happy July 4th – Independence Day

The Center for High Impact Philanthropy wishes you a Happy Independence Day! Our office is closed on July 3 for the holiday. We will…

June 25, 2015
Why We’ve Failed: Lessons Learned from the US War on Drugs

America’s War on Drugs has been raging for decades, with specific implications for people with substance use disorders (SUDs). However, recent trends in marijuana…

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