High Impact Webinar Series

High Impact Webinar Series

The Center for High Impact Philanthropy is actively engaged in the philanthropic and nonprofit community through events including webinars, panel discussions, speaking engagements, and more.
CHIP welcomes requests for speaking engagements and event requests. To invite one of our associates to participate in your event, please submit a request form or call 215-573-7266 for more information.

Upcoming Event

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Direct Transfers for Direct Impact

Moderated by CHIP founding executive director Katherina Rosqueta, the conversation includes perspectives from funders who have used the tool of direct cash transfers to create social impacts in maternal health, educational outcomes, and child welfare, in addition to experts from academics and practice. Panelists include Anneliese Barron of One Family Foundation; Professor Amy Castro of Penn’s Center for Guaranteed Income Research; Holly Fogle of The Bridge Project; and AJ Jordan of the Vanguard Group Foundation.

Headshots of Anneliese Barron, Amy Castro, Holly Fogle, and Rashanda Perryman

Past Events

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Pathways to Impact

Moderated by CHIP founding executive director Katherina Rosqueta, the conversation includes perspectives from alumni of our High Impact Philanthropy Academy: Dr. Ruth Shaber, founder of Tara Health Foundation; Dr. Sauda Smith, executive director of Unite BVI; and Rob Longnecker, trustee of the Herman H. Fleishman Foundation.

Our panelists have addressed a range of issues, from funding women’s health care to hurricane response, and tackled challenges, including transforming grantmaking policies and building more diverse philanthropic organizations. Join us for a candid discussion and Q&A.

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2023 High Impact Giving Toolkit: Supporting a More Secure Future for All

Three years into the COVID-19 pandemic, some people have returned to a sense of stability. But many face tremendous uncertainty about the future. For individual donors and professional grantmakers alike, the question is, “How can I help?” In this webinar, the Center for High Impact Philanthropy presents answers and insights on:

• Issues critical for funders to address to ensure a secure future for all
• Evidence-based strategies and nonprofits making an impact
• Tips and best practices for practicing high impact philanthropy

This webinar is the first in a series focused on the strategies and tools for a more secure future cited in the 2023 High Impact Giving Toolkit.