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We’re changing the conversation on philanthropy & social change.

Join us for an eight-episode podcast series featuring conversations on giving, innovation, and social change- unfiltered.Hosted by Ubuntu Education Fund Founder and CEO Jacob Lief, conversations highlight innovative practices in the field, debunk myths about the nonprofit sector, and address some of the most controversial issues related to giving and social change, including overhead, sustainability, and impact.

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How to Give

Kat Rosqueta discusses the most effective methods of giving, ways to make sure your donations have a maximal impact, how to properly vet the reputation of certain charities, and the ways that giving has changed in the age of crowdfunding.

Giving to Disaster Relief Organizations

Kyle Sherman, Social Impact Fellow at the Center, was interviewed by KQED Radio about the American Red Cross Sunshine Act and how donors can make a impact when it comes to giving to disaster relief organizations. See the full article here.

Center on Mission Related Investments

Carra Cote-Ackah and Dick Henriques, both Senior Fellows at the Center, discuss what are mission investments, why they are used, and challenges faced with this type of investment.

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