U.S. Domestic Issues Overview

In our sector-specific work, we develop practical guidance and tools to support impact-driven philanthropists across a range of issues.  Our U.S domestic focus is currently in two areas: education and disadvantaged populations. In these areas, we analyze available evidence to identify critical needs to target and the practices with the greatest potential to improve the lives of others. To help philanthropists understand how much change costs, we integrate considerations of both cost and impact. (See also: How we calculated cost per impact in education.

We also have an ongoing process to source and vet additional high impact domestic opportunities; please contact us if you would like to support our work or want to find out more.

You can download all of our products for free by visiting our Investment Analysis page. Read about U.S. Domestic Issues on our High Impact Philanthropy Blog. See below for an overview of our work to-date on U.S. Domestic Issues.

Conversation on Improving Teachers and Teaching with Ellen Moir, The New Teacher Center and Bryan Hassel, Public Impact

Read the interview with Ellen Moir of the New Teacher Center and Bryan Hassel of Public Impact. Questions asked:

  • What do you think the balance should be between improving the skills of the average teacher, versus extending the reach of truly excellent teachers?
  • Can you talk a little about the how and why the Opportunity Culture for teachers and NTC’s e-Mentoring for Student Success programs came about?
  • What role do you see technology playing in your work going forward?
  • What about the relative lack of a research or evidence base about what works with regard to digital learning? How do you think about this as practitioners?
  • How has philanthropic capital contributed to your work thus far? Where do you see philanthropic capital playing an important role in moving both your work and your broader agenda forward?

Podcast: Averting a Train Wreck in Human Capital: A discussion on teaching quality

A discussion about the current challenges and opportunities in education with Linda Katz of Children's Literacy Initiative, Andrew Belton of Bridgespan, and Kat Rosqueta of the Center for High Impact Philanthropy. Download the mp3.

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SPECIAL REPORT: High Impact Philanthropy to Improve Teaching Quality: Focus on High-Need Secondary Students

View the full report of High Impact Philanthropy to Improve Teaching Quality | Download the Report | Download the Executive Summary.

Video: Katherina Rosqueta and Kate Barrett discuss "High Impact Philanthropy to Improve Teaching Quality


Pathways to Student Success: A Guide To Translating Good Intentions Into Meaningful Impact

View the full report of Pathways to Student Success | Download the guide | Download the Executive Summary.

Pathways to Student Success: A Guide to Translating Good Intentions into Meaningful Impact was written for individuals who seek to go beyond charity by actively searching for opportunities to produce as much good as possible with the dollars available. In the guide, the Center addresses the critical questions that must be answered to achieve the biggest bang for every philanthropic buck, including what is a meaningful change to target, what activities lead to that change for at-risk students, and how much does it cost to make that change. Read more...