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Philanthropy for Social Impact

No matter what issue or cause donors care about, there are approaches that can help set them on a course to higher impact. The following are our latest analyses and tools for use by any donor seeking to make a greater difference in the lives of others.

Donor Toolkits

We have developed a new type of online guidance in the form of a donor toolkit. Our first toolkit on children's health and child survival provides donors with the tools they need to take action.

Donor Seminars and Educational Workshops

These are invitation-only, purely educational efforts to inform participants about the latest research, biggest ideas and best efforts underway in our key topic areas.

Advisor Resources and Guidance

Philanthropy is often deeply personal, and increasingly donors are looking to their advisors for more than just stock answers. Many want to know how they can make the greatest difference in the world with each charitable investment, and our guidance is designed to help them feel confident in the social impact achieved. We encourage you to register or login to download our evidence-based products for free and use them in discussions with your clients. We also offer opportunities to customize programs, seminars, and materials for your team so you can deliver best-in-class client service.

Please contact Carra Cote-Ackah, Director, Partnerships and Strategic Initiatives, if you would like to learn more.

Philanthropic investment guides and reports

These provide substantive, actionable analysis for donors seeking impact in particular areas. All of these guides and reports can be downloaded for free. Simply click here to visit our Investment Analysis page. You will be asked to register and create a log-in, after which you will then have unlimited access to download our guides/reports. This is for our own impact assessment. We will not use your information for solicitation purposes and do not share or sell lists (see our privacy statement).

Online resources

These provide ongoing advice and thinking on social impact issues, as well as updates to our philanthropic investment guides and blueprints