What is High Impact Philanthropy?

High impact philanthropy involves:

  • Focusing on achieving social impact - I.e., a meaningful improvement in the lives of others
  • Leveraging the best available evidence in identifying problems and developing solutions
  • Linking considerations of cost and impact to understand where the best "bang for buck" lies

Watch Katherina Rosqueta, our executive director, discuss high impact philanthropy with BigThink. 

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All high impact philanthropy begins with the search for the intersection between a critical, public need and a private donor’s values and commitments. 

To leverage existing knowledge and ensure that their philanthropic capital is making the greatest difference, high impact donors seek smart answers to questions such as:

  • What has already worked in achieving the change I seek? What hasn’t?
  • Where there has been success, how much did it cost?
  • Where are new tools and approaches needed and how can private philanthropy support their development and testing?
  • What are the characteristics of organizations best positioned to deliver impact well and cost effectively?

How we can help you

Our center provides independent analysis, education, and other decision-making tools to answer these and other questions faced by high impact donors and their advisors. We analyze information on specific approaches; develop decision frameworks that donors can use in selecting philanthropic paths; create cost-impact profiles on programmatic options; and design opportunities for donors to learn from both leading experts as well as their peers.

Our mission is to enable the flow of philanthropic capital to where it can do the most good. Our hope is that our work allows donors to move more quickly and confidently from good intentions to high impact.